Healthy Green Hummus

At the end of my bagel recipe the other day, I posted a photo of a glorious bagel sandwich with fresh farmers cheese, pickled onion and green hummus. Today I thought I would share what I would call a starter recipe for the hummus, i.e., the basic ingredients and methods for making it. I highly recommend adding your own personal flair to fit your unique taste buds. Tahini always adds a depth of flavor and I am loath to make anything savory without a bit of garlic. The beauty of this recipe is that you can add just about anything you’d like.


2 green onions, sliced

1 lime, juiced

1 chili, sliced

5g mint

5g flat-leaf parsley

10g cilantro

90g fresh spinach

425g chickpeas, soaked & boiled to softness

1tbl oil

Salt & Pepper to taste


2 garlic cloves, minced

ginger root, grated

lemon juice


1) Soak chickpeas overnight or for at least eight hours. Rinse and boil in fresh water for approximately one hour or until soft.

2) Rinse and drip-dry mint, parsley & cilantro. Combine, along with lime juice, green onions & chili, in food processor and pulse until thoroughly minced. Add spinach and oil, pulse to combine. Add chickpeas, 100g at a time, and pulse until a smooth paste forms.

I prefer a thicker hummus as I often use it for sandwiches. If you prefer a smoother and thinner hummus, add 1/2tbl of oil to the mixture at a time and pulse. You can also substitute water or lemon juice to achieve the same effect.

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