Water Goblin – Vodyanoy – водяно́й

Water goblins or spirits can be found all over the world but one of my favorite representations is from Eastern Europe, namely Vodyanoy. He is said to appear as an old man with a fish tale, covered in muck and algae, with eyes like red-hot coals. He lives at the bottom of lakes and rivers, ponds and marshes, and in the whirlpools of mills. Midnight is his favorite hour but beware of him at any time of day, especially if you are a young woman, as he’s always in search of a wife. Children are also at the top of his list; he will grab them by their legs and drown them given half the chance, dragging them down to his kingdom where he uses their souls as slaves.



Official Project Stats

HOOK SIZE: .90mm & 1.00mm

THREAD SIZE: Size 20 Crochet Thread


TOTAL HOURS: ~400hours



8 thoughts on “Water Goblin – Vodyanoy – водяно́й

  1. Seriously, seriously, awesome work! I didn’t know much about this guy but I like learning about these fairy tales through your work! He definitely is not goofy – he looks like he commands respect! And you definitely deserve some for such a detailed and fantastic project! 🙂

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  3. I saw this and swore out loud, that’s how good it is (don’t worry, that’s a compliment!). He is just amazing. And yes, very creepy. I love that you’ve made him into a little diorama too. So much detail! And 400 hours – I don’t know ow you find the time and the patience.

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