(Very) Spicy Cilantro Concentrate

I love cooking Mexican cuisine. The flavors are crisp and vibrant, and the cuisine really lends itself to vegetarianism, i.e., it’s cheap. It also lends itself well to my other half’s favorite ingredient – cilantro. The only problem being, of course, that we only shop once every two weeks and cilantro can go off really […]

Living Dead Cherry Clafoutis Amigurumi! Plus a bonus recipe for kiwi lime clafoutis!

I just love clafoutis. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of desserts that are rich but this French confection, when combined with tart cherries, makes for a truly decadent experience with minimal output of effort. But I’ve always felt sorry for the cherries. They look so plump and shiny and happy at first, swimming in […]